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On Vox: Decorations and cleaning tips

So I have been on a decoration trend lately.  I added more ribbons to my princess curtain along my bed... my bed is till not how I want it... there is something else i feel like i need to do before it is done.  I think I need to add another color ribbon... all pink is just too much.  I think some white or ivory ribbon would really help.

but I have had this ugly wire hanging down from the air conditioner outlet since moving into my apartment.  I have my computer connected to this.  But, as we all know, cables and wires are the worst eyesore for ANYY room.  You can have the most beautiful, cleanest room in world, but having a cable in site will cause it to look UGLY.  Cables and wires are the WORST in tearms of clutter.  so you really need to be creative to get rid of them, without getting rido f thiem

Well, I have declared war on CLUTTER because I, as a lolita, am ANTI-CLUTTER in all shapes, forms, what-so-ever.   

I found this great blog today which I am going to really read through!  I think it may have some great tips for keeping our princess rooms... well princessy! 


I found a great little suggestion on this blog... and it gave me a great idea to make good use of my ugly eyesore of a cable!  


I had the ribbon from when I last went to America.   I got the flower at the 100 yen store... I think I need to finish the rest of this nasty cable, and make something pretty to look at in my room!

Also, I have developed some rules for keeping your room nice and tidy.  THESE are a must.

1) Make your bed everyday.  Your bed is always the most noticeable thing in your room... and if it is unmade, then your room will look terribly messy.  So keep them nice

2) Dirty cloths go in the laundry basket immediately, not on the floor.   This is a MUST

3) Do not put anything on the floor which does not belong on the floor... this includes dust and crumbs and so on.  If you can make it for 3 weeks straight without putting anything on the floor that doesn't belong on the floor (or will be cleaned up after use.. I draw on the floor all the time, but then put everything back when I am done)   you will have a clean room for the rest of your life.

3.5) using a simple vacuum everyday is a great way to keep your floors clean.  I just use a small canister vacuum, and it works great!    Dust and hair really piles up fast, and 

4) Sticky notes:  Make them, hurry up finish the task so you can get rid of the note.  As a rule of thumb, you should never keep a sticky note for more than 24-48 hours.   

5)Directional cleaning.  THIS is a good one.   If your room is a total mess and you don't know where to start.   Start on one side and work your way towards a goal (what you really want to be doing)   I always want to be on my computer... so I keep it at the back of my room.  I tell myself I CANT use my computer until I have cleaned up to it.   SO i start on the other end of my room and work my way to my computer.   

5.1)  Top-down cleaning.  Although the effectiveness of top-down management is debatable in the business world, Top-down management is very effective in the cleaning world.  Work you way from the top of your room.. the top of shelves which NEVER get cleaned, and do the floor last.  The floor is cleaned more often than the top of shelves.   A top-down approach assures that your room remains nice and clean!

6) remember, everything you have has a home, and it too likes to go home at night.  You don't like to stay at work and school at night... well objects don't want to stay in their work place at night either.  Make sure everything is home for the night.

7) don't sleep with dirty dishes.   Make sure they are all clean before you go to sleep.  Unlike what my roommate in college used to say, there is absolutely NO need to soak dishes overnight. I have been hand-washing dishes now for over 15 years.  Trust me soaking dishes for 5 min is more than enough to get rid of any grunge off of them.   With hot water, any grunge can come off soon.  The whole idea of soaking dishes over-night is just an expression of our procrastination.

Well, I hope these tips help you make and KEEP your princess rooms nice and pristine!

good luck!

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it has been a while

gee, it has been a while since I posted here...
mostly because I tend to post elsewhere nowadays

I used to be pretty active on LJ until I got into a group which had a lot of unpleasant people who didn't follow the advice mom always gave. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I disagree with a lot of people

There are some politicians who I wish were not in power..

but I am not going to scream and yell about them. I am not going to tear them apart... because I don't want to be torn apart myself.

I would rather be nice in hopes that niceness is returned to me.
purikuri with saya

On Vox: recording from my performance..

Tonight I was playing as an opener for a charity concert with my friend Yukari.   I guess we did a good job. 
We played the theme song from Princess Mononoke and The South Wind (an Irish aire)   We had fun, and that is all that matters (despite messing up)

I did learn some things...
1) it is difficult to get a d-minor scale in a d-major whistle...  those half holes get tricky
2) it is difficult to an irish whistle to... well anything 
3) making mistakes (see lesson 1) doesn't matter as long as your have fun
4) The theme song to Princess Mononoke sounds  awesome on the low irish whistle in D (major that is)

Afterwards was the dance... and guess who asked me to dance... the person I love the most in this world.

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On Vox: Baby RuRu-chan

I finished this pic in a matter of hours on friday.  I am sorry I didn't link this picture here...

Anyway, RuRu-chan is another baby bunny of mine...  She sleeps and plays on my bed with all my other bunnies..

and here is the picture i drew of her

For some odd reason, vox is eating the link back to deviant art..  so if you want to see a bigger version go here.. 

I hope you find her cute and love her as I do

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On Vox: Newest picture

Oh my! 

First of all, sorry to marianne, i forgot to sign up for a conversation this week :(  Maybe I can find some other time to get it in

Second of all, I did manage to finish my latest bunny picture :)  

I think I am going to start to use my Deviant Art account more often.  That way if people like my work, they can order prints/mugs/etc   I don't get much of a profit (only pennies), but if anybody wants a print, it is a good way for them to get it.  Besides, I would be happy if somebody wants my work... 

Here is my latest bunny pictures.   

I am glad I am getting better.  I really work hard... and I LOVE doing it 

Printemps 2 by ~jyoshikousei16 on deviantART

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On Vox: Typhoons

There was a typhoon last night.. and I woke up at about 2:30.  My little bunny Pyonko found her way between my arms... I heard only wind and rain, and there was some lightening.  I asked my little Pyonko, 'ohhh are you scared?'  and she said yes!   So i pet her and put her on her blanket and told her everything was going to be OK.   

Then we fell asleep again.

I woke up and listened to the radio to get info about the trains.  Of course they were late... But the express line from my house to the baby office  (11 stops, 63 min) was not running.  So I had to leave earlier than normal because I knew the trains were going to be slow.  I would have to transfer  instead of take the normal route. Naturally I was in a rush!   I left my phone on my bed and ran out the door!    Well I get on the train and head towards Tokyo.

5 stations into the trip the train came to a stop...   The announcer said that all the trains from Saitama to Tokyo are stopped because of the wind.  To get to Tokyo, we have to cross a river.  Apparently there was a lot of wind across the bridges and it was not safe to run the trains across.

Well after waiting for about 20 min, the announcement came that the train will be stopped until 12:00.   Bad because I start work at 11.  Worse because i left my phone at my house and I couldn't call BABY to let them know.   So I went to the McDonalds (luckily they were still serving breakfast, that is the ONLY thing I can stomach there) because they had wireless... or so i thought.  I wanted to connect to the net so I could email BABY...

It was then when i realized that i  have the english webpage i have been building for them on my computer!  and I have the phone number to the office on the webpage!! So I was able to use a pay phone and call in and tell them I would be late.

Needless to say, my normal 63 min commute turned out to be a 3 1/2 hour commute via 3 trains.

The way home was smoother, but crammed, because the express line was not running...

but I am home now, after a long long long day...

and Pyonko is happy

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Babybunny, originally uploaded by Peppyvalina.

My new character BABY bunny

I haven't done anything like this for a while...

She came to me when I was sleeping, which is an easy thing to do with all the bunnies I have on my bed! I hope you like her

oh, and sorry for the watermark. I need to protect my characters for now

purikuri with saya

On Vox: Here comes the snow kitty...

So I went out today and splurged a bit... not on the Indian curry I ate...  well, yes on the Indian curry... but on the new snow kitty.

That is right I upgraded my little macbook to snow leopard.   It was only 3270 yen so I figured why not.

So I get home and back up my important files (baby website database!!! need I say more!!!)  and then popped in the disk and off it went.   Like promised set up was pretty easy.  I just put in Shimotuma monogatari (Kamakazi girls for those of you in america) and cleaned my room... It started out saying it would take 45 min... then 1 hour 6 min... and I don't think the timer was right throughout the entire time.

I think maybe it was the scene where Momoko and Ichgo just got back from Daikanyama and Momoko asks Ichigo if she could do the embroidery for her is when the upgrade was done... so yeah, about an hour.

The first reboot took a bit longer than expected, but it was loading things for the first time (again)  

Vola! it was done and it took changed my desktop back to the default.  no big problem. 

I guess I did run into some little funny things when I first got started.  Safari took a bit longer than normal to load up at first.  Then the top sites were slow as molasses.   I had faith, I figured it was just the first time.   Mail acted a bit funny too.  And some other programs where not rendering  windows properly.. I got a few blank screens.

But then I rebooted and everything worked as promised.    It took only about 40 seconds to boot up, down from about 1min it took before.   All the apple programs seem to work better now.   Iphoto used to take a long time to open up... not it doesn't take to annoying long.     Preview  is much  much faster, and is what it needed to be in the first place.  As a designer, I want images to open up quickly and painlessly!     

Now Safari is pretty stable.   the top sites is lightning fast, and it runs my localhost development stuff much much faster!!  That will make life at BABY a bit easier.       My  CS3 collection seems to run a touch smoother too.  

And best of all, my 18 gigs free turned to 33 gigs free!  I really gained a lot of space with this upgrade.  Now I need to trim out my iphoto library and free up more space 

It is too early to say for certain, but initially I am happy with the  streamlining it offers...
AND I am VERY happy with the ability to see my illustrator files via the icon! that is nice little touch!  Now I can remember what it was I did! 

So is snow leopard worth it.... for $30 yes... it will really streamline your system.   So it is a nice little performance boost for the price... it feels like my little macbook got another gig of ram :)   

So next upgrade will be a new backup drive... then 2 more gigs of ram... maybe.  

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