September 28th, 2010

purikuri with saya

Well my dream is ALMOST TRUE

Ok this is for the people who have been on my LJ list since I started.

Particularly Aunty and anybody who has followed her and been under her wing

Anybody who knew me 10 years ago knew I was this crazy tall, overweight, and not to pretty girl who was obsessed with a completely impossible dream to be a cheerleader... of all the crazy things in this world to do, I wanted to fly, stunt, tumble and smile... and do one of the most physically demanding sports ever.

Well fast forward few years and take off about 50 pounds

Now after 3 months of working out nearly everyday here is the result

--run 15K without breaking a sweat
--My muscle mass IS more than my body fat
--I have the smallest waistline since I can remember (maybe 5th/6th grade)
--This becomes my ab workout
3-4 sets of (25 crunches, 10 crunches with legs bent and crossed, 10 crunches with legs straight up, 10 side crunches on each side, 10 bicycles with a 5K weight, 5-10 of my original, slow v-ups (burn burn burn) followed by 1 min plank... and 25 push ups for desert)
--Dance classes 2 times a week

And I have cheerleading tryout camps for the FIRST time in my LIFE in less than 2 weeks!!!

That's right, I am flying from Japan to San Francisco just to attend the try out camps for CheerSF!

Yes, this OLD dream is dusted off, polished off and moving forward for REAL this time!!!

Just goes to show, you should never give up!!! I can't believe I am going to become a cheerleader for real, it is RELLY strange!! and best of all, thanks to all this working out, I am SOOOOO GIRLY now! LOL

oh and me now

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purikuri with saya

only about a week and a half..

In only a week and a half... and I am going out for queer-cheer.... how COOL IS THAT.

At least they are a charity group and they raise a ton of money for AIDS charities and so on! That to me is a better VICTORY to cheer for than a football game... (GO POKES, hehehehe sorry, I am still a college football geek)

God I love you CheerSF. I cant wait to meet you guys in just a few more weeks!!

(Yes I have learned this dance.... not quite as fast but I am getting there)