February 17th, 2010

purikuri with saya

On Vox: let me tell you why...

Let me tell you why I am learning to speak French even though I am lolita and should focus on Japanese..

Well, I already speak Japanese already first of all :) My best friend in the whole wide word doesn't speak anything other than Japanese...

Well let me tell you how I started french...

Pourquoi j'apprends le français?

Il n'y a pas de raison pour commencer l'apprentissage du français.  Je dois dire que c'est seulement la chance!

Au Japon, il y a beaucoup de gens qui croient qu'un professeur et les règles de grammaire sont nécessaires pour l'apprentissage d'un langue.  

Je ne pense pas que c'est correct

Je voulais essayer d'apprendre une langue sans professeur et sans les règles de grammaire.

Pourquoi le français?  J'ai juste choisi le français pour une raison ou pou une autre.  Je ne sais pas!

Mais maintenant j'ai beaucoup d'amis français sur facebook... et je pense qu'il est agréable d'entendre parler, en français, les filles lolitas!

Ok, in english

Why do I learn french?

There is not any reason why I started learning french.  You could say it was simply luck.  

In Japan, there are a lot of people who believe that a teacher and the rules of grammar are necessary to learn a language.   

I don't think that is correct.

I wanted to try to learn a language without a teacher and without the rules of grammar!

Why french?  I just chose it for one reason or other...  I don't know!   

But now, I have a lot of french friends on facebook, and I find it nice to hear lolita girls speaking french :)

Ok, yeah, lolita girls speaking french is so ... KAWAII!!   That should be reason enough...

But i wanted to prove to people that it is possible, and in fact better, to learn a language without teachers and complicated rules of grammar.

With my japanese I spent years trying to using 'the way' to learn  languages.   I took classes, stuck my head in the textbook... which read worse than stereo instructions and was entirely overtly-compicated explanations of Japanese grammar and lacking the language itself.  In fact, when I showed it my japanese friend he said "this is all in english, where is the japanese?"  

Lets just say I wasn't going to learn Japanese in a textbook where I needed to use Webster's dictionary of the English language just to try to understand the textbook.   I have no clue what the heck transitive, intransitive, definite, indefinite is...  I just wanted to speak Japanese.

So how did I get my japanese up?  

By stopping all classes and textbooks and just working on what i wanted to work on.  I read the goth/lolii bible, I read my friends blogs...  I read my friends group's ultra-liberal newspaper (I can tell you a lot about the dangers of nuclear power in japanese because of it).   

So with french I just decided to just learn by listening and reading... and using LingQ and google translate.   I made it simple and enjoyable.  I never worried about talking because I was only interested in understanding at first.  

Now i cant wait to go to Paris and Versailles and wear my lolita cloths... and get funny looks  but have the time of my life!  If I do go to Paris, we could have a party :)  anyway, happy language studying... 

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