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my eyes
purikuri with saya
For those of you who have known me forever, this will not be a surprise.

I have set my eyes on a new goal. I am going to join Cheer SF. I am whipping my body into shape to for tryouts next july

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that's a lot of flexibility you need
they seem to be nothing but acrobatics and posing, where's the dance routines?

but good luck anyway!!

They do dance too, I've seen them.
you know I can do it! I am already a rubber band.
I can kick higher than my head, my arms are insanely flexible.

My straddle increased 10 degrees in just a few days training.
My splits will be ready in a few months
I am starting yoga

I can balance for 25-30 on a moving train

I am training for a marathon, a FULL 23 mile marathon
I know what i have to do, and I can do it!

check out this post



ahhhhh thank you Aunty!
This year all I want for my birthday is the cheer for real! and the cheer for you! and to stay happy and healthy!

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