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(no subject)
purikuri with saya
~sigh~ I guess one reason I don't post here much anymore is because a lot of my friends stopped writing anything of value and just post their twitter feeds. I remember when they would write entries instead...

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I think that some people like the "immediacy" of Twitter because they can fire off an update from their phones anywhere at any time. Me, I like to let my thoughts mellow so I'm not spew minutiae all love the place. My posts have grown less frequent over the years (but I do better when I have the Semagic client installed on the computer I'm using), but they've also become more substantive. And that I don't think of as a bad thing.

I understand, because I am totalyl into facebook now and the wall is basically the same thing. But I am still into writing blog posts, just not much here.
But I have a cool new blog here... you know me well enough to know that this blog is so me!
But I really am doing this training, and I am going to make it!

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