Jyoshikousei16 (vally) wrote,

On Vox: Concert and session

So I had my concert yesterday... I did pretty well :)  Everybody liked it so I guess that is best

as for today, I had my celtic music dojo with Jim... it was the first time in about 2 months which I was able to attend!  Then afterwards we had a session.  I got to see my friends Daunt for the dojo and Carl for the session... so that was good.  Jim was able to reserve a room with a piano, so we were able to have some piano accompaniment, which was a nice touch...

seems like Jim can play the piano too...  what CANT the guy play?  I have seen him play the fiddle, accordion, guitar,  and whistle... and now piano. 

anyway, here are some recordings from the session
(of course Live Journal people will have to go to vox to listen)

01-carl's reels 02-blarney-kesh 03-Carl's tunes 04-jigs 05 Salamanca-Banshee 06-Val's polkas 07-strange slides

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