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On Vox: new dress today...
purikuri with saya

I am soooooo sleepy again!!  But I had to post this before going to bed

I got a new dress from BABY, and this one fits!!   

Well, seeing that it was based off me  it had better fit :p  Although they did make the skirt a few cm shorter than the original sample.

This is the new LL size that is NOT yet on the webpage

Now the reason why I got black so that i have something to wear when performing...  So I told myself.  Brown was also cute... and I wanted the pink too, but since I have 3 other pink dresses from baby..

anyway, black is new for me.. but i can wear it at sessions and stuff :)

BTW, I have never had a brand dress fit me so well.  I wish i was tiny so I could wear dresses like this all the time

my room looks so big! it really isn't that big, but it is a wide angle lens.. 

here is the detail of the sholder

it is really elegant... and noticed the longer shoulder strap for us taller girls..  That was your request which was built into this dress...

and the princess drop on the pocket

and I picked up one of the novelty cups today too

but i will have to show you the picture later... i forgot to resize it and i am sleepy

oh, and my carrot soup!! I made it a few days ago! It was soooo sweet, and I didn't put any sugar in it!  but there is milk and paprika on top..

ok, can I sleep now?

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That is ADORABLE. I want a dress like that, omg! It makes me want to make you all up like a gothic lolita, ha ha. Horrifying, I know. But I think everyone looks better in black!


I can't wait to see you again. We will take photos! Many many photos!

you evil little sytherin you!

I want to get the brown and pink one too... But I need to make sure the store sells them too, otherwise they would get no money!

I cant wait. This time I will not be going to Wyoming so I will have time for photos

Oh, that is super cute! I bet a lot of the foreign customers will be happy about the introduction of an LL size.

i am happy with my new dress :) and I am sure other people will be too

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